Request to enable photo editing

If I open up an image in Preview on MacOS, I can hit the markup icon and edit the photo to draw on it, type on it, etc. If I have an image loaded into a mail message while I’m editing the message, I can click on the markup icon in the mail message and it will open the graphic in Preview so I can mark it up. Some apps provide the markup toolbar within the host program so i can edit it in place… I’d like to have the same ability within Agenda, either by right-clicking on the graphic or seeing the pencil icon so I can either edit it in place or have it edited within Preview.

Example of the markup toolbar icon here: The Markup Toolbar For Editing Images - Markup Toolbar Mac Transparent PNG - 931x269 - Free Download on NicePNG

Thanks for the feedback. Note that this does work with some formats, like PDF, inside Agenda.

I just tested this for an image too, and it seems to work. Just tap the image, and choose Preview. Then tap on the pencil button to edit.