Replacing Day One with Agenda?

I bought Agenda and have a since-lapsed upgrade/sub that I’m thinking of renewing. I haven’t really used the app but I’m wondering if I can use it to replace my Day One subscription.

I’ve used Day One for over six years to maintain both a personal journal and a food journal, and I’m easily able to search in just one journal (when looking up calorie counts on something I ate in the past, for example). Each of the 2 daily journals is edited/appended to over the course of that day.

Is is possible to replace Day One’s functionality so that (a) I can similarly have two separate daily journals, (b) I can do a search just in one of them, and (c) having thousands of days of entries won’t slow down on macOS or iOS? Thanks.

You can simply create two projects and add separate daily notes by linking them to the same day. I don’t have thousands of entries yet so I can‘t comment on that question.

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Thanks Nika. If I create a Food Journal project can I scroll back in reverse date order so that I only see items from that one project? And can I easily do a search only inside a specific project, or would I need for example to also tag all food journal entries and search within that tag?

while that project is selected, sort your project in reverse date order
while that project is selected, search within it with the magnifying glass icon

Ooooh. I would beware of this. Just my opinion, but I use both and can’t see replacing Day One…with anything, really, but certainly not Agenda. Could be a failure of imagination on my part, but D1 is extremely good and stable at what it does (I have over 15K notes with no slowdown and no problems syncing across multiple platforms). You say you’ve used it for more than 6 years, which sounds like you’re happy with it. I don’t see any problems you highlight, so it’s difficult to respond to issues that may have nothing to do with your situation.

For me, Day One is a great place to write, even to link posts between various journals (although I have a main one that sees most of the action), and to include almost any kind of media (I use Roam Research as well, and even with that tool I continue to use D1 and Roam is MUCH more suited as a journal replacement than Agenda is). Agenda, well sure, you could do the same thing, but it would FEEL very different. If you could get used to that difference, then I think you’d be okay. Again, just not sure why you’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken. I use Agenda as a tool for working and tracking work in a time-based system. I think using it to track food and philosophy is a little off track. Again, not that it can’t do it: you could do a food/personal journal in Microsoft Word if you wanted to.

If you provide more information, I’ll be happy to try to add to my response. But I don’t think “replacing Day One’s functionality” in Agenda is a good or fair thing to do. The app doesn’t seem to me to be built for that. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if a thousand people piped in to say they use Agenda as their personal journal every day.