Replacement for Tick tick and Notes app


I have already put my eyes on Agenda since this year and forgot because of work.

First thing first, the design is so good! Lovely~

Context: my main workflow right now is to add notes to UpNote app, add a quick todolist on Ticktick app (and sort it out in the EOD – and put reminder on it also it can add Habit tracker).

My question is, is Agenda good enough to make the replacement for both apps? I mean combine it to become one, so I don’t need 2 apps for my workflow.
What I can tell is the notes part is amazing. The only thing is the todolist part. Any of you have experience on this, on how you manage migrating from Ticktick or similar apps (maybe Todoist?)?


I think it is best just to try Agenda out for an hour or two, and see if it can do the things you want.

Migrating can be tough between any notes apps. We support import of plain text and markdown. Perhaps that is a route you could take.

It depends on how many notes you have, and whether you want them all in Agenda, or are happy to keep old ones archived in the other apps.