Replace notes integration with freeform

I used the notes app to embed hand drawn images into Agenda. This is standard integration and works well.

Now that Apple has created Freeform would it possible to replace notes with freeform as the standard drawing tool? freeform has better tools like infinite canvas, zoom, stickies etc…

Is this possible?


Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow for this kind of inline integration of Freeform as far as we know alas :frowning:

Ah ok…. That’s a shame.

Maybe they’ll add an API in the near future.

We faced the same problem with Hookmark. I’d love to enable users to link Freeform documents to Agenda notes. Until Apple adds automation to Freeform, I’m sticking with other tools, personally.

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Reviving this topic, WWDC is coming. Freeform is a new piece of software, hopefully there will be good news about it