Repetition of words and spacing on its own, words are shattered

After writing a passage the words are repeated again. And while I haven’t given any space, it automatically brings 2 lines of space and some are shown again. Tried closing the app and it doesn’t work. Now I start to feel the app is really annoying me.

I assume this is on iOS or on Mac? Also, are you using a non-default Keyboard? What language input are you using? Finally, are you using version 5.3?

I haven’t used Agenda on the Mac yet. Now it’s only with the iOS. I don’t use an external keyboard either. I do have space on iCloud.

If I keep both the devices open at the same time and type, then it simultaneously syncs and if one of the device is closed then whatever logged in won’t appear in the other device.

Can you perhaps send a screenshot of the sort of text you get if you type a sentence or two? We haven’t heard of a problem like this before.

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