Repeated syncing issues today

I’ve got a note today that’s had repeated issues syncing, causing it to lose content. I’m using two macOS devices (on the same network, if that affects anything).

First, I created the note on one computer and assigned it to today. A short while later I noticed that while it was still assigned to today, the name had reverted to “Untitled Note”. I fixed it.

Next, I noticed that a number of notes from previous days that I’d removed from the agenda and collapsed were now back on the agenda and expanded. I fixed that.

More recently, today’s note keeps losing content. This is actually 100% reproducible right now. I’ve appended content to this same note 3 times, and after a sync, the content disappears. I’ve restarted Agenda on both computers in the process. For the 4th attempt right now I just wrote the same text on my other computer instead, and this time it stuck. Now after doing that, adding yet another line on the first computer is working.

Very sorry about this. It is a known issue, and we expect to have a new version available in the next day or two that will fix it.

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A quick update to let you know that the 5.3 update should now be available, let us know if you still hit issues after updating.

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I’ve now updated, and I’ll let you know if I hit this again. That said, the change logs only mention fixes to syncing involving title, date, and on-the-agenda. I of course hit issues with title and on-the-agenda, but I also had issues with note contents. Here’s hoping that’s been fixed too.

A release generally includes many, many small fixes. We put the bigger ones in, but don’t list every tiny change. So there were certainly some other fixes for sync, and they might be related to your problem.

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