Reordering project bug

In the left list of categories and projects, when trying to move a project title down to the bottom of a particular category list, it is not possible to place that project at the very bottom of the category. Please fix this bug.

Categories have a particular order. First the projects in that category are shown, and after that, the subcategories are shown. Is that why you are not able to do it? You can’t drag a project under the subcategories.


Hi Drew,

I don’t think you understood my question.

I am not talking about rearranging the categories.

I am talking about rearranging the projects within a category.

Try moving the top project down to the try to place it as the last project within a category.

It does not work. The lowest position I am able to move it is 2nd from the bottom position.

Thanks, Tom Q

This is correct, it has to do with how drag and drop works on iOS. The work around is to, after getting to the state of the last screenshot, drag Trailer above Prius. I’m afraid it can currently not be done in one go if you want to move a project to the last position in the category on iOS.