Renewal Premium Plan

If I believe what I read in the “Preferences” in the “Account” tab, I read that my “Premium” plan will expire in 39 days.

So, what do I lose after this delay?

What do I need to understand from this sentence:
“You have permanently unclocked all the Advanced Premium features an will receive any new ones released in the next XX days (until this date)”

Understanding is that after 39 days, I would no longer be entitled to updates but I will keep what I already have? Did I understand correctly?

Yes, that is almost correct.

After 39 days, you still get all updates free, including all bug fixes. And you keep all the premium features you have already been using and have unlocked. They are yours forever.

What will happen at some point is that we will introduce a new premium feature. That will be locked until you decide to purchase again.

Hope that explains it.
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