Rename Hyperlinks

It would be helpful if we could rename Hyperlinks. I have used similar apps where this is possible and it makes referencing websites much easier in the notes.

You can indeed do this by simply changing the text of a link, if you control/right-click the link and choose Edit Link… you’ll see the link is preserved. You can also create such links directly by using the markdown syntax for links: [your custom title](URL Address), for example:


will become:


More useful examples of how you can use this you can find here:

I think there is a bug in the markdown link form at this point. We have a fix already, and it will be in the next release.

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Can this be done on iOS devices?

Yes. The markdown approach works on all devices.

If you want to edit the title of the link on iOS, it is a little trickier, because if you tap it, you go to the link. To edit the text, tap and hold outside the link, and slide your finger into the point where you want the cursor. Then just edit normally.


Figured it out, thank you!