Remove tag

Hello super dev team :wink:

What do you think about a remover tag function ? Take care, not the tag list, but in the post directely the orange text. This version i only have Delete tag -> then my text is delete too !

(why : when i backup, i have 2 times the tag activeted in the result search.)

Thanks guyz and girls

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take your suggestion on board.

This would be a super helpful feature. As a product designer working with developers, I often have to specify or record color hex codes. I don’t want it to turn into a tag and I can’t remove the tagging function once I’ve typed the hex code without deleting the text.

The easiest way to prevent hex codes to be turned into tags is to use the preformatted paragraph style or enclose the hex values in single quotes like this


which will prevent the #fff to be parsed as a tag.

Excellent, thank you!