Remove Project/Category from Device (Save storage)

I definitely don’t use Agenda as heavily as some I’m sure, but I use it about daily and the notes really pile up. On my iOS devices these have aggregated ~4GB of space. While upgrading from 64GB devices is certainly in my future, for now I spend my time trying to get every GB free that I can.

It’s my understanding that Agenda uses iCloud to sync between devices, but does not necessarily store data for retrieval on-demand. When I delete and re-download Agenda, the app eventually downloads all the data I’ve compiled over the years back onto the device.

~Bottom line: I think it would be great if we could choose to remove certain projects/categories from our devices that could then be re-downloaded on demand (compare to iCloud Music Library where one can have thousands of songs in iCloud but choose certain songs/playlists to download to their device).

If this is already possible let me know! Otherwise I think it would be a great addition to Agenda in the future.

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Internally the data is grouped on a per-project basis, which means that if you delete a note the project and all its included data (and also the deleted note) still occupy space on disk. Moving a project or note to the trash also doesn’t make a difference. If however you empty the trash and delete a project completely, it will be removed from disk and iCloud and should free up the space it took.

Categories are just metadata on top of projects and don’t take up any significant space, in other words, deleting a category but leaving the project in Other Projects doesn’t make a difference in terms of disk space.

Having the option to leave things in iCloud, but not having it on the device is an interesting option that we could consider. Thanks for the feedback.

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That could be a game changer in combination with the Archive feature. Not just for storage limitations, but in terms of leaving Category/Project structure intact over the long haul, e.g., not having to Share/Agenda File/delete (for space reasons) a dormant project and then having to restore it at some future time.

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