Remove link in a note

When I try to remove a link in a note, why doesn’t it disappear?

Do you mean you can’t delete the link? Can you describe how you are doing it?

  1. Copy paste (Wiki for example) to a note

  2. Blue marked links appear

  3. Right click and ”Remove Link”

  4. Print Note to pdf.

  5. The link appears in the pdf

Sometime the link disappear if I quit Agenda and restart.

I think you have to select the link first. Are you doing that? Ie the removal happens for the selected text. If you select the link, and then remove, I think it should work.

I am having the same problem and I saw your reply here.

Yes, it works. You have to highlight the link text (the exact length of the text that represents the link, not a letter short, not a space more…) first and then right click and select “remove link”.

This works, but it is not the way it should be. I don’t belive this is how you want it to work when designing this function.

Please consider to fix this little bug, thank you!

This is how Apple’s built-in link editing works. We have adopted that at this point.

I didn’t know that. Thank you.

I try to remove a link as you described: select the whole link and clic on remove the link.
The link is still present.
The text is shortly displayed in black and then back to blue, I guess that the link is first canceled and then created again automatically (as when you type an URL).
My configuration Agenda 9.1.2 on Catalina.
HTH, Pascal.

Yes, I think that is what is happening. You probably have automatic link detection on. We remove the link, but the next sweep sees what looks like a link, and changes it to a link again.

Difficult to know how best to handle this, short of turning off the auto link detection.

A workaround would be to select the link, and make it “fixed width” format, and then remove the link. Agenda will skip any text that is preformatted or fixed-width.