Is there a way to remove the “GET ALL FEATURES” button on the top right of the screen (without purchasing the pro features)? It is really distracting. (Or, as a suggestion, maybe the reminder could be a little less “in your face.”) :smile: Thanks!

I’m afraid we’ll have to find a balance between in your face and making sure people are able to find the premium features, otherwise we won’t be able to support Agenda in the long term.


Hi, I’ve purchased Agenda features, and my year recently lapsed. I’m definitely interested in new features when they are released, and I know how to get to them.
Is there any way to remove the get all features button? It’s distracting.

Also, I often use Agenda on Webex/video conferencing with clients and the “Get all features” button is very unprofessional.
As someone who has paid for Agenda (and someone who should keep all the features I paid for, including removing the “Get all features” button) I’d really like the ability to remove the get all features button. Especially since there aren’t any new features I can purchase since I’ve already purchased all available features.

Alas, as we mention, it’s simply a balance we have to find between gently pushing users to supporting our work, or running out of a viable business and not being able to support Agenda at all. If you’d like to remove the get all features button you’d have to renew, it removes the button and you’ll receive the new features in the 12 months following your purchase.

Especially since there aren’t any new features I can purchase since I’ve already purchased all available features.

You can still renew, there’s no need to wait for new features…

What I loved about the Agenda model is the concept that when you buy a product, all the features you purchased you can keep forever.
What I also liked is that once my year of support was up, I could choose to renew or not and keep the features I had already paid for with all the functionality I had experienced during my support year. And I know I don’t have to wait to renew, and I want to support development of software I like, but I also want to wait until there are features I’d find useful before renewing, which is the exact part of the model I responded to compared with a standard subscription service.
Having the permanent nag screen with no way to remove it after having paid for some features flies in the face of what I understood your model to be.
If I’ve purchased the software, I should be able to remove the nag screen which is particularly distracting in dark mode, and I’d strongly ask that you reconsider this position. Hell, you can even make it pop up intermitently every time there is a new feature introduced, with the option to remove it.

Alternatively, be upfront about how the nag button will always be there if you don’t have active support even if you’ve paid, so that people can make an educated decision.


Apologies for the multitude of posts, but I wanted to add that the iOS app seems to handle the Nag button with more subtlety. The yellow on black distracts much less than black on yellow in MacOS, and on iOS, the button is hidden most of the time, unless the navigation side-tab is visible.
Mimicking how Agenda iOS handles it on MacOS would be a sub-par but acceptable compromise, where the button can be hidden, and even when it’s visible, it doesn’t pull in your eyesight as the brightest spot on the screen.
Thanks in advance for hearing me out.

I appreciate all your points but we feel that the way it currently works is a fair balance between getting things for free and ensuring we can actually support Agenda in the long run. I’m pretty sure an “in your face” popup in the middle of a conference call screenshare or meeting presentation would be a lot less appreciated.

I understand your position but I never asked for anything for free, just that I get to keep the UI and UX that I paid for, and let me evaluate when to upgrade again without a permanent-nag in bright yellow drawing my attention (and I HAD every intention to upgrade).
I felt like there was a contract built into your business model (detailed here: A ‘Cash Cow’ is on the Agenda. Update: There is a follow up post about… | by Drew McCormack | Medium): you pay and get all the features introduced for a year, and you keep what you pay for with no limitations. Then upgrade for another year to keep getting new features.
I feel like the nag button is a breach of that contract.
I understand you feel differently.
I know I’m only one user, but I’m disapointed with the response.
I wish you luck with the app, and hope you’ll reconsider.

Perhaps I’m wrong but judging from your response I’m not certain how anything else then “you’re right, we’ll remove the button” would have not made you disappointed.

Just to be clear this all is of course not to say that things will forever stay this way, we do take your feedback seriously (or I could have just given a stock one liner as response and leave it with that) and you do make a valid point about it being even more fitting to the business model to hide it until at least a new feature arrives.

I hope you’ll understand however that our primary concern at the moment is to ensure the app is viable and allows us to continue to work on it as nobody benefits from an app that has no nag buttons but has been abandoned by its developers because it was impossible to make a living.

See it this way, if you like Agenda a lot, and you use it every day, and --as you say-- never asked for anything for free anyway, why not support our work by renewing and as a bonus for helping us get rid of the button that is annoying you so much.

Hopefully with enough support from our users it then allows us to reconsider.

Thanks for the responses. I know it’s not a huge deal, and maybe in text I made it seem like a bigger deal than it was, but the button took me by surprise as it was unexpected. I know you guys need to find ways to ensure positive cashflow, and if you have data that a bright yellow button does this, then I completely understand the instinct, and it all comes down to my misunderstanding your model, so for that I appologize.
Thanks again.

Thank you for the latest update! You guys are amazing!

I know you were going to like that one :smiley: In the end we agreed that it fit the model better to height it, and decided that with the first price increase since the initial launch it would give us the space to make this move. Again thanks for the feedback!

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Well, I’m disappointed. I have lots of apps that offer subscriptions and in-app purchases and yours is the only one that has a perpetual, unremovable nag button at the top of the window. As Moish observed, it does look cheap. And as a user who did, last year, buy your subscription it’s kind of insulting.

Here’s the deal… If the upgrade is a value people will buy it. If not, they won’t. If people don’t see the value in a subscription, the nag button is just annoying. The only reason I have right now to resubscribe is to get rid of the d*mned button. Are you trying to annoy people into buying your upgrade? That’s gonna backfire. How do you want your users to feel about Agenda? Do I recommend Agenda to all my friends because I love it so much, or do I put up with the button because I have to, and steer them toward some other product? Up to you.

So, how about this instead — an email reminder once in a while about your great new features. Or, if you must, a occasional splash screen.

And — at a minimum for people who had the courtesy to buy your app once — an option to disable it. Or at least in my case — because I have spent hours trying to help you troubleshoot the (still unresolved) cursor-jump bug — some kind of break, eh?

Or — and I think this may be the best idea — show the button after a feature upgrade. Then, when people click on it and read what it has to say, the button goes away. Why keep it there in people’s faces all the time when they’ve already read it and made their choice? If they’ve read it and made their decision, keeping the button there is just annoying.

And there’s another problem with a perpetual button which you should care about. A button that’s always there fades into the background and users simply learn (or try, in my case) to ignore it. On the other hand if they learn that the button comes after a feature upgrade and that it goes away when they read about the new feature, they at least have a reason to click on it. How about that? You guys are pretty stubborn sometimes. But I think this is a win-win.

Bottom line… This perpetual button of yours isn’t going to get me to reup my subscription. But it is going to piss me off. I’d look again at whether it’s working for you.

At the risk of misinterpreting things, or having overlooked a certain condition perhaps, we in fact have since changed our opinion (see the replies just preceding yours) and do in fact no longer show the button permanently if you have at least once bought it, which sounds like it should be your case.

And yes, as you suggest, we do show the button each time there is a new premium feature released, but we always do, even to users who are currently still within their 1 year period. Clicking it should however then make it go away again. It’s what you suggest as the occasional splash screen I guess.

If you just updated to version 10.0 I do realise the button won’t go away until monday because that’s supposed to be the official launch day, we just released it a bit earlier to ensure it’s available in all stores in time. Perhaps this is what you are seeing?

That could be it. Version 9.3.2 on another Mac doesn’t show the button. In version 10.0.1 it does not go away. Thanks for explaining. I shall wait until Monday.


The button is gone! Thanks!

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Glad to hear that! :+1: