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How can I remove ALL notes from On the Agenda? I have a lot of them so do it one by one is a bad solution.


Currently this can’t be done yet with multiple notes selected alas, we’ll try to make this possible soon.

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Ok, quick update, I’ve just added support for having the add/remove from On the Agenda menu command and drag and drop on the On the Agenda overview in the sidebar work with multiple selected notes. It should be in the update following the one currently in review.

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If one thing has been marked as finished,Can it be removed from “On the Agenda” automatically? operating the point twice in every note is inconvenient.

You can do this in one step if you hold the alt/option key when triggering the keyboard shortcut:

How does it work in 6.0.1? I’m trying to remove On the Agenda from all selected notes?

Support for removing from On the Agenda for more than one selected notes will be coming in the next update. Right now it only works with a single selected note.

in the top left of each Note you have the possibility to 1) flag and 2) clear the dot of being on Agenda, However, as I know so far, you have to do these two actions in two times. Wouldn’t be possible to do both just in one time? Because in many cases, after I completed the task in a note I would like even to take it down from On the Agenda.
For example, when I click on the dot at the top left of a note a Menu appears with three options:

  • Remove from On the Agenda
  • Mark as done
  • Pin to Top

If I want to make both “Remove from On the Agenda” and “Mark as done” I have to click first on one of the two options; then reopen the Menu, clicking again the dot at the top left, and selecting the other option. If I would be able to do both operations when the Menu is open for the first time this will speed up my workflow.

If you hold the option/alt key you can do this through the Note menu:

Shortcut Command
⇧⌘ U Mark as On the Agenda / Remove from On the Agenda
⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done / Undone
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)
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Ah, thank you to let me know!!

Was this updated yet? I am using the ⇧⌘ U shortcut to mark each note separately but I have a ton that have built up over time.

Also when each one is removed it forces me to select the next one rather than automatically selecting it for me. This forces me to move my hand to the mouse and back rather than just multiple presses to go through the list.

Obviously what would be best would be a way to select them all and mass remove from Agenda.

Shift select of multiple notes and hitting the shortcut you mention should now indeed bulk remove them from the Agenda.

Is there also a way to define that notes from certain projects never appear on the agenda? I know I could just disable that notes are added to the agenda by default but this applies globally and generally I’d like to use the On the agenda feature.

This isn’t possible at the moment I’m afraid, we’ll take it on board though.

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