Remove all dates from a project

Hi all

I am a teacher and I have been using Agenda for lesson planning. Each class is a category, withing ech category is a project representing a unit of study and within each project are multiple notes, each representing a lesson and each linked to a date in my calendar.

I am thinking ahead for the following school year where I want to reuse these notes. Is there a way to remove all assigned dates withing a project in one go? I can do that one at a time but it’s going to rapidly become tedious.

Thanks for your help

Maybe you can save an old Notes as template and modify it by deleting the assigned date?

On Mac:

  1. Expand the categories.
  2. Click the first project, shift-click the last project (all should be selected).
  3. Confirm in the notes list that these are the notes you want.
  4. In the notes list, either click first and shift click last, or cmd-a to select all.
  5. Note -> Remove Assigned Date
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Brilliant. That works. Thanks!