Reminders — Visual Overload


I like the reminders integration a lot (despite the sync issues which are a different topic); but, I hate seeing my reminders on the calendar view.

I would like the ability to hide them somehow. I tried to hide the lists in the Calendar preferences which had the desired visual effect; however, it also meant that I lost the ability to place a reminder on any any hidden list.

I also tried reducing visual overload by batching similar tasks in reminders and setting them as subtasks and removing the date. Unfortunately, the reminders then were unsync’d with Agenda.

Any work arounds?

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Not at the moment, we’ll take your feedback on board and will think if it makes sense to offer a way to hide the reminders.

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You might consider using a separate non-agenda list. You can then create reminders in Agenda (to a list it can access), and then go into Reminders and move it to a list that’s hidden from Agenda.

Thanks Pat. I have been using Things for many years now and found it very useful to pull reminders into the inbox, and go from there. But I’ve been playing around with using Agenda for everything as I’m not really a GTD disciple (I prefer a mish mash of PARA/Agile Results, and am playing with Time Sectors in Reminders) and I’m liking the coupling with Reminders. If I import them back into Things I lose that. It’s a small thing; but life is often about the small things, don’t you find?

Yep understood. I have moved away from Things and am doing everything with Agenda and Reminders. I also keep a lot less stuff in Reminders - most things are in Agenda, and when I actually want a reminder I use \remind to get it there. I find this works really well for me, because I get overwhelmed with a big task list, and find it hard to see the big picture (no matter how much I slice and dice with areas, projects, or tags). I can do a good job organizing all that in Agenda, and so my Reminders list is lean and mean and ideally cleared out each day.

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Hi I didn’t want the clutter of reminders so I switched them all off apart from my high priority folder so I can still see that…
I set my default folder in Reminders to one I called ‘Quick Reminders’ but you could name it ‘INBOX’
All reminders created in Agenda App go there by default and then I manage my reminders in the Reminders App by allocating to various folders as well as assigning Priority 1-3 !!! and Flag if needed.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks Aidan. I ended up doing something similar, then rueing that once I’d moved the reminder to a list that was hidden from Agenda, the link to the note broke. Ultimately though my experiment with Time Sectors was short lived, and so such neat coupling with Reminders was no longer necessary for how I use Agenda (all my planning, and project support material, big picture todos with all next actions (and only next actions) in things).

I think it could work really well with all next actions in reminders instead of things but only if Agenda lets you set reminders without a due date, and doesn’t pollute the calendar view with all the things todo. Maybe in the future…

I have found GoodTask to be the missing piece I needed to move away from Things and just use Agenda + Reminders. It uses the same Reminders database that Agenda does. It’s super configurable, so it’s not quite as out of the box as Things, but can be configured to be very similar to Things.

Thanks Pat — I’ll check it out

I am trying out GoodTask. It seems to be a good app for managing the Reminders. The interface is pretty nice and I’m finding it in my opinion more user friendly than things and of course with Reminders, the integration with Agenda. Thanks for the tip!

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