Reminders -> things 3, and Siri Shortcuts initiation

First a question that I’ve seen alluded to but not clarified:

In the beta, when a reminder is created, how is that link maintained? If Things 3 imports the reminder (i.e. deleting it from iOS reminders), what functionality is lost? Is the link to Agenda from things maintained?

This topic got me thinking, if /remind me is a thing that can initiate an action based on the preceding content, could a generic /workflow(name) be created that summoned a workflow with that same preceding content? This would make all sorts of integrations possible (immediate one for me is "start a new agenda note to expand on this idea’, templating, image search (results dumped into a shelf app for drag and drop) etc. etc.

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The same way as we maintain the link to a calendar event. You will be able to continue to edit the reminder etc.

You’re spot on, this is exactly something that we’d like to offer at some point. Stay tuned!

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So the linking is through… backend iOS APIs?

I ask because I’m keen to know if the reminders link will “follow” the content if it’s moved into Things 3 or if it all just gets horribly broken as Things 3 also deletes the reminder from the iOS reminders app.

I was watching the video for the feature again (can you tell yet that I’m keen to give a try? :slight_smile: ) and noticed that the reminders all had URLs listed in the note.

Is there a plan to use the built in linking that notes seems to support when the share sheet is used to create a reminder? Screenshot example:

I’m only asking because ‘initiating’ URLs from reminders (and calendar events for tha matter) is a bit awkward (i.e. unclickable) and the ‘icon’ based way that iOS seems to have is nice and easy.

Ok so I tricked it by creating a shortcut to take a URL and use the share sheet to manually add a reminder which makes it all look petty spiffy - will it end up like this?

I believe it will indeed

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