Reminders has started auto tabing to date search and completing typed field there

What I did: trying to type in text of reminder

What happened: auto tabs to calendar date search

What I expected: to be able to complete title of reminder

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

IOS version - this has just started to occur - reinstalled app

Thanks for reporting, indeed a regression we hope to fix soon in a minor update.

Great thanks - SUPER frustrating, and breaks the link to reminders in some ways ie personal workflow. Sorry truly like using the app - so a pain that my workflow and task management has been disrupted. Hopeful the fix is patched sooner rather than later

I must thank you for the app - it truly is very powerful.

Update: This should be fixed in the upcoming 13.1 update

Great thank you - also how is ones user name selected / changed - it chose a random election for Greg ?? Ie my name