Reminders (GTD Tools) Overview at the Side Section

I would like to suggest that the summary of reminders (or Things Inbox, Omnifocus Inbox) could be at the side in line with Recently Edited / Notes. I just imagined it would be so cool to see those tasks at the side. :slight_smile:

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So you want to see tasks there the same way you see calendar events and reminders?

I can see what you mean, but I’m not sure it is that feasible. It’s already quite crowded over there.

We would then also have to integrate with each other to-do app. It’s really a lot of work. We have decided to integrate with the default (Reminders), but supporting every possible tasks app would be a real challenge.

The idea is interesting though, and we will keep it in mind.


Thanks a lot. I think that since recently edited/related notes could be collapsed it’s no big deal. And having reminders there I dont think its crowded.

Even if its not all other apps, but maybe with reminder first. Its like a list of all the reminders in Agenda. That could also be a summary of what tasks are noy yet accomplished.

Thanks a lot for considering this. Just an idea that popped up. Hehe

Note that we do show reminders with dates there. They appear between the calendar events. Just in case you didn’t notice that yet.

I think I saw it. But it was not noticeable because it was within the calendar. Since I have many events so it was not that obvious. And, I think it’s only a link to bring you to the actual reminder.

What i have in mind (only suggestion), is another section where a list of all Reminders in chronological order could be seen. So that users would not be confused with the many notes where there are important reminders within it. Just an idea again. It’s still up to you guys. Hehe

And in the future, if we can integrate maybe Things or Omnifocus Inbox to it. Wow! That would be so cool. Hehe. But even if Reminders could be first, I think that would still be awesome already.

I’m afraid it’s not a direction will go to, sorry.

No problem. I trust you guys that you’ll be able to figure out something related to this. Thanks for the time though

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how about list those task without dates?

you could simply add your task without dates on other GTD Apps.
and now in agenda, you can add no-date list in your project with a check list style, but this is not the same feature i thought