Reminders disappearing

What I did: glanced over the calendar bar.

What happened: didn’t see any reminders for today.

What I expected: to see four reminders for today.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Both Agenda Betas. iMac, iPhone, iPad, all OS’s up to date.

This happens on all devices.
After creating a “test” reminder (in Reminders), all five of them show up in the calendar-bar but only for a few seconds.

I quit forced, restarted and -booted and made a “test” reminder again; same thing happened.

Never had this problem before. Eevrything was fine yesterday.

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Update: it seems that when reminders are timed, they show up in the calendar bar. It is no problem with future reminders - tomorrow, day after, all reminders, with or without times show up.

Do the reminders have a time? I’ve reported a problem with untimed reminders not showing in the calendar.

No, they don’t. I’ll have a go with adding times.

This Zettelkasten thing is rather a good idea. So I don’t know about you but I always carry a notebook around so I can jot down anything interesting enough to be remembered.
The problem is that most notes are useless without context. So this Zettelkasten-thing teaches you how to make notes in the first place and then how to store them so, that they wil form information networks - with context. Quite effective!

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Ah yes. Thank you.
So reminders don’t show if not timed.
Still, it did work until this morning.