Reminders and Checkboxes

  • 1 for this option

Two-way sync makes a lot of sense to me

I would like this feature

+1 much needed. I often have check lists in notes and them some need to become reminders, when I complete that remind I need my original checklist updated

+1 - two way sync please!

In absolute agreement with Mac/IOS Reminders teathered with checkbox formatted. “Task-reminders”, my first effort on this beautiful new toy…

BTW does. Any. Body but me have the formatting. Tend to add. A period. Without you actually inserting a period, double comma-ing so that. One’’s. Intended meaning translates as very bad poetry. Or nonsense??


I’m afraid I have no idea what this means?

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+1 for me as well on this. The current grey of the reminder icon is nice, but I am mentally trained to look for the :ballot_box_with_check:︎ to get my dopamine rush. :slight_smile:

count me as well!

It sounds like there’s quite an ask for this, we’ll try to add the option to check off the checklist item upon reminder completion.


+1 for me !

yes pls +1

+1 from me too