Reminder title does not show in note - expected behaviour

What I did: I was writing a note and then wanted to add 3 reminders. thus I hit "\remind” and th elittle popo-showed and I added reminder title, date and selected list

What happened:
a reminder is created in the reminder app BUT the only thing that shows in my note is the little clock

What I expected:
I want to see the same title in the agenda note as in the reminders app

I am on ventura 13.2.1 and Agnda 17 (269)

Indeed at the moment we only show the clock icon as the line of text itself is usually describing the reminder and adding the title would be superfluous. Could you give more insights into why it would be useful to have the reminder title shown? Perhaps we’re missing a use case?

Thanks for the quick reply, I find it confusing that when I write a reminder in Agenda (and thus insert it into the reminders app) that the topics are not the same (automatically)

My use case is the following
I work on several projects and have continuous meetings and one on ones, in each of these I make reminders/actions for my self (in separate notes), I then go to my reminders app to plan and execute those actions. Not having the same name in my agenda notes and the reminder app makes it hard to follow - maybe I am missing a point here, open to change behavior, please tell me why current behavior is implemented and the thinking behind?

If you create a reminder, I believe the default is to take whatever you have written on the line (eg an action/task) and make that the title of the reminder. Of course, this does mean you have to write the task, and then add the reminder.

What exactly were you expecting? Were you expecting the title of the note to be the reminder name? That wouldn’t scale well, because a note can have many reminders in it.

thank you, now that I understand the mechanics this will work

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