Reminder on notes


I have just purchased your app and am loving. One question though, is there a way for calender linked events to give me a reminder? The notes are in agenda but if I set a date it usually means I want to see them on that date. Does my question make sense?

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Thank you so much for your support first of all! Are you referring to a alarm when a calendar event is due? This you can configure when you create the event (i.e. the alarm is set/given by the system Calendar, not Agenda).

The notes are in agenda but if I set a date it usually means I want to see them on that date.

This I’m not sure if I follow your question, could you give an example or make screenshot perhaps?

I have probably not explained myself very well sorry. When I create a note and then select a date for that note it would be good to see a notification that I have notes for that day, without having to open Agenda.

I like the idea of using the app as needed, but if I have added a date for a note because I have planned something in advance then a notification that the day has notes against it would be very useful.

Does that make more sense?

I see, thanks for the follow up, we have some ideas in this direction, do I understand correctly you would like to have some kind of quick Today view?

Yes that is the kind of thing.

Or on the app to have a notification that today I need to open the app as I have notes for that day.

So like on my email app on my phone I get a number that sits on the app icon to say how many new emails I have. Or a banner notification for messages.

Then when opening the app a quick view.

With my iPhone many apps add a widget that gives me a summary from which I can enter the app if I want. That would be ideal.

I look forward to what you come up with.

But be assured I am loving the app so far :smile:


Yes, it does, & it’s a very good idea! Hope it can be added :blush: