Reminder alternative app integration plus a couple other things

Hi there. Premium user here.

I spent a long time looking for an app that would do what I want. For my use case, yours was not perfect but quite close to what I needed and the best I saw around.


Right now I can say the main things I need and hope you’d consider is this:

  • alternative reminder or todo list integration. I don’t use Apple reminders. I use things 3. It would be nice if there was an option to switch to that.

Nice to have:
-when in a note in dark mode, it’s kind of gray to show it is an actively editing note. I would like an option for that to remain black or not such a light gray.

More feedback

  • scrolling on page with column was iffy. I wanted to make a quotebook where I could look up notable quotes so I created a multi column for that with name of quoter, quote and location where it came from. The issue came when I tried to scroll on mobile on a page with those quotes on. I couldn’t easily get passed it. It just kept trying to edit it (which I didn’t want to do a that time). I decided to just link out for that quote book to Notion for the time being but it would be nice if this could be improved so I don’t have to do that.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know if there is more.


In addition to the above, I remembered a couple more points, including another very very nice feature to have.

Ctrl+K Search
I recently discovered option + space, which solves a different big issue, but I was wondering if option + space could be remapped to ctrl+k. I understand that in Apple notes, ctrl K does a certain thing and Agenda does the same thing I beleive, but there are many apps these days such as discord, telegram and vivaldi web browswer that use ctrl+k. So at least personally there is some muscle memory there.

In addition to that small command tweak, for all those apps, their search is a lot more prominant and center to the rest of the app. In agenda, it is toward the left of the screen and it visually looks a little confusing. I’d rather it just be like a search box that pops up in the middle of the screen and starts showing me results as I type letters. Right now, it visually looks like a second sidebar since by defualt it shows a bunch of projects, until you start typing.

macos spotlight search
I’m not sure if I didn’t set up something, but agenda is not coming up in macos spotlight. If that is possible, that woudl be nice to have, including building in that ctrl k functionality into the spotlight too… This would be great from when I am not in Agenda, but I need to get to a specific note instantly
What I have to do now is make a note in apple notes with the same name, then put a link in that note to agenda, so that I click through to that. A bit counter intuitive.

If this doesn’t work with spotlight, is it possible for someone to make a workflow for alfred maybe to get this working.

emojis as project icons?
Also, is it possible to get custom project icons using emojis or something - or just not have icons, so that if we type an emoji at the begining that will look like the icon of that project?

Update: I discovered that reminders is integrated with things 3 in a way and thus, so is Agenda. So I can see this might not be a huge priority, given there is some integration.

The reminder / alternative reminder integration could be improved, if you thought it a priroty. I’ll share below just in case.

The way this works for things 3 is like this:

  1. use a quick reminder feature in Agenda >
  2. goes to specific list you choose manually >
  3. things 3 imports from the specific list >
  4. I tap import all reminders, to fully bring all the reminders into things 3.

It is pretty seemless other than having to tap that import button. However, obvioulsy it coudl be a slightly smoother experience if there was alterntaive integration, but beyond that, what might be more important a feature is something else:
At least currently it seems that I must manually choose which Apple Reminders list the /remind command corresponds too.
What would be nicer is to be able to set a default list per project or category. This way, is you have a complicated reminder list structure, then a project can be associated with a project list automatically.

Unfortunately if this is implemented, then it won’t benefit things 3 because that only imports from one list I beleive. So, if this is to be spread across multiple alternative reminder apps, then alternative integration may be needed.

Hope you don’t mind the suggestions, thoughts and ideas. I’m just sharing in case it may be useful.

Window naming issue on MacOS
A different small tweak that would be appreciated is in the window name on macos. I use alt tab app on macos to be able to cycle through windows, instead of apps. On the windows, the name of each windows is shown. Most apps show the most specific information followed by general information.


Discord: While having a Random channel open in discord, the window is named as such “Random - Discord”, not “Discord - Random"
Things 3: while having the inbox view open, the window is named, “inbox”, not “things 3 - inbox"
In Mail app: if I open a specific email, the window will be the name of that email topic.

However, in Agenda, it is a little different…

Agenda: In Agenda if I have the subproject of sub category of category 1, the window is shown as such: “Category 1> sub category> ….” and I can’t even see the title of the actual note or project. Interestingly, when I open the community site in the app, it creates a seperate window and it is just named “Community”.

i’d appreciate this would to be fixed. The final note or project name as the title should probnabaly be good enough.

Quite a lot of feedback. I’ll do my best…

Note that you can copy notes as “Agenda Links”, and paste these in Things. The opposite should work too. A full sync up with Things, like we do with Apple’s apps, would be very difficult. We deliberately chose to use the standard shared Calendar store that Apple provides all apps. Some apps do integrate with that. (Can’t remember of Things supports it.)

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep it in mind. We area also just adding card background color options. Not sure if that will help somehow.

I think you need to scroll near the edge of the note. But agree that this should be better.

I don’t think we can change this. This is a standard macOS shortcut, and that generally takes precedence.

Indeed, this is not yet supported. We hope to add it in future.

You can add emojis at the start of projects. Some people do that. We don’t have a way to hide the actual icon.

Glad you found the Things integration. We’ll see if there are ways we can better support it in future.

I think it is useful to have the “breadcrumbs” to the note (ie category, project etc), but I do agree that the note title probably should take precedence. It would be better if the first catego

Is Spotlight availability on iOS being considered?

I don’t think that is the case, but I have a solution that works for me.

  • For one note that I access regularly, I created a shortcut using the shortcuts app.
  • I am also using raycast instead of spotlight.

This might be an annoying work arround, especially since youd have to make a seperate shortcut per note you want to pull up in your spotlight / raycast, but that is the best I got until agenda has fully integrated spotlight solution.

We do plan to add spotlight as part of a major overhaul of search. It’s a high priority project we should get to sooner rather than later, but not something we are working on right now.

It’s quite a large thing to do I’d imagine. Probably more v18 than v17? :rofl:

Honestly, more like v19. :rofl: v17 is nearly ready, and v18 is underway and shouldn’t be too long after v17. After that we can look at new things, possibly search (no promises).

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Please tell me that v17 includes rich link previews for YouTube etc?

No, that’s not on the radar for v17, sorry