\remind not creating an unscheduled reminder

What I did:

I want to use \remind to create a reminder in the Reminder that is not schedule (i.e., no set date and time). The instructions state that \remind without any parameters inserts a placeholder reminder that is not scheduled.

What happened:

I’ve been experimenting with \remind and \remind(list: foo). In each case, the New Reminder window pops up and I don’t see a way not to set a date and a deadline.

What I expected:

Is it possible to use \remind to add to a add a reminder to a specific list and without a set date?

Is it possible to use \remind without having the New Reminder pop up? Not a big deal, if not.

What does creating a placeholder reminder mean?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

We might have changed this behaviour to not leave an unscheduled reminder, we’ll have a look.

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hrm… it’s my understanding that Agenda has never worked with unscheduled reminders. So I’m very curious to know what change you are thinking of.

I think you are referring to undated reminders, the unscheduled reminders are slightly different, more like placeholders.

Ah okay. What’s an unscheduled / placeholder reminder?

Also I was interpreting the original question as being about undated reminders as well:

I’m referring to undated reminders, though I’m not entirely clear on unscheduled reminders. There are “On a day” and “At a time” settings on a reminder that are optional and that I’d like to have not set. I’m looking for a way to do that with \remind.

In that case I had indeed misinterpreted your question. At the moment we don’t support yet “undated” reminders, we have some ideas in this direction but need to see how it fits exactly.