\Remind isn't working for me

What I did:

I type some information and try to invoke the \Remind with command context behind it.

Example: \Reminder(in 3 weeks)

What happened:

After typing that the Reminder flag disappears and does not create a reminder, even the symbol doesn’t present itself.

What I expected:

It is expected to create a reminder in 3 weeks

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

MacOS: Ventura 13.0 Beta 6

Agenda: 14.1.1

Can you try with all lowercase, like \remind?

Does this happen every time, or just sometimes?

Are you typing in the note content, or in the note title? This only works in the note content.

Hey Drew!

It appears that I was using a capital R in \Remind and that was causing the error. If I ensure to use all lowercase then it works as expected. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Glad that worked!