Remember the Milk

What I did: added tasks to Remember the Milk, expecting them to appear in the calendar area

What happened:they didn’t show up. I don’t understand what the connection between Agenda and Remember the Milk is…

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):Agenda v 6 macOS Sierra

Look like you might have an issue with Remember the Milk sync with Google Calendar – or however it is that you are getting reminders into Apple Calendar or Apple Reminders. Probably not an Agenda issue.

Google calendar shows a “Tasks for (date)” each day. Click on it and I get an entry that shows a little calendar icon with Remember the Milk beside it. But no task. ???

I also wonder why Remember the Milk appears at all in Agenda. I only downloaded it because it appears on the calendar pane. if it is not integrated with Agenda, why is it there?

Maybe the Google calendar you’re looking at is in the list of Calendars in the Agenda preferences? So, uncheck it and it should not appear in Agenda.

I’m not talking about a google calendar but about remember the milk which appeared in Agenda when I first installed Agenda. To be clear, I did not have Remember the Milk prior to installing Agenda. I only downloaded it later because I saw it listed on the calendar pane of Agenda.

In short, Agenda shows whatever the Reminders app sees. So if any program syncs its tasks and/or reminders with the system Reminders app, those will also show in Agenda (unless you disable certain lists in the Agenda preferences, a premium feature).

That’s new information. There’s no direct integration between Agenda and RTM. So something else other than Agenda caused RTM to start putting info into a Reminders list. And, as @mekentosj points out, that list was then synced with Agenda – but not because Agenda is integrated with RTM. It is integrated with Reminders.

You can open Reminders and delete the RTM list.

I must apologise. I now realise that RTM must have been subscribed to in google calendar. I’ve no memory of it, so must have done it a long time ago, just to try it out. I’ve now unsubscribed and it no longer appears in Agenda. My apologies to all who replied for leading them up the garden path and my thanks for taking the time.

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No worries, glad you found the reason!

Happens to all of us one time or the other, I’m sure. I’ve trialed so many things that sometimes I look at my calendar / reminders lists and wonder “what the heck was I thinking”. Glad it got sorted for you.