Remap Open Quickly keystroke (macOS)

What I did: set itto alt-space in Settings for Open Quickly

What happened: control space still activates Open Quickly

What I expected: control space to yield to Raycast (system-wide setting)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): macOS 14.1, Agenda 18.3

Sorry for the staccato delivery there, I was following the prompts and am new here. Basically, I use control-space universally but Agenda is greedy about it, even when I set it to use alt in the Settings. It throws a spanner in my workflow to the point that I keep abandoning Agenda because it interrupts me. Having to command tab out of Agenda just to use my habitual keystroke is surprisingly disruptive…:wink:
I’ve also tried getting BetterTouchTool to intercept but Agenda still gets in there first. How can I disable control space? Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll see if we can disable the shortcut if you opt for the alternative in the settings, it’s not so trivial due to the way the system decides who gets the shortcut.

That would be great, thank you. Strangely, now I’m on a MBP it behaves as I would expect (ie Agenda doelsn’t intercept it, and Raycast launches). But on my Mac mini 2020, it’s still conflicting. I appreciate it may not be straightdorward!

FYI; as you may know, Raycast suggests unselecting cmd-space from Finder and using that for Raycast. I’m on an Mbp and have had no issues. Perhaps it would help on the keyboard for the mini.