Relocate the note icons to a single corner of the note

I firstly use this app all day, every day. It is indispensable. Saying that, it means I spend a lot of time navigating around it. I propose that the circle, date, and gear icons would reduce the amount of mouse movement needed when organising notes. Presently, the circle icon is in the top left of a note, the date at the top right, and the gear icon at the bottom right. Making the note tools in a small toolbar, perhaps alongside or above a formatting toolbar that appears when a note is in focus, would reduce mouse movement significantly. I use a computer 8-16 hours a day and notice little things. So, for what its worth…thank you very much for building a superbly well-thought-out app. It trumps all of the other note taking apps I have used over the years! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!

Note that quite a few options from the gear button are also in the dot button under Other Actions.

You can also access formatting options on the Mac by clicking the little circle on the left of the text, which appears when you are editing or have a selection. Another way to avoid lots of mouse movement is to learn your most common formatting as key commands.

We have thought about a formatting bar. Perhaps we will do something like that one day. We will consider it in any case.

Thanks again!