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The Problem
I have a hard time seeing an overview of a day. I know that I can see “TODAY” or what’s on the Agenda. But what if I want next month? I think that nicely integrated mini calendar could improve the workflow of the app a lot.

The Suggestion
The Related Panel (right side panel) has a lot of potential. A full month mini-calendar on the top would be great. It could open the doors for some other functionality:

  1. Click on a date and below you get the list of calendar events AND notes (just title) for that day.
    The notes missing from this view is something that I think this app is missing. I know that you can get all notes on a date from the search. But please compare this:
    Search method: Click search> Click the calendar icon > Click to your date > Click date. (3-4 clicks before you get your notes for the day.) Then you see them all, you may also need to do some scrolling if the notes are not minimized.
    Mini-calendar: click date > click desired note from list.

  2. Double Click on a date makes a new note for that day.
    Compare how to make a note on a date:
    Current Method: Click Plus > Select Project > Enter title (that is immediate focus) + hit enter > click calendar icon > find and click on date > (maybe attach to calendar event) > click save. In my opinion that is a lot of work to get a note on a date!
    Mini-calendar: double-click date > select project (if not in a project folder) > start editing.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get rid of the “+” icon to add a new note. But I do think that getting the least amount of friction from beginning to end for the user is best.

  1. Selecting a date range displays a good summary list

  2. Some indicators in the mini-calendar (little orange dots perhaps) to show that notes exist for that day.

That’s all for now. Thanks for the nice app! I’m looking forward to more changes coming!

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions, we have indeed recently discussed this based on similar feedback from another user. We have some thoughts on how to improve this and will do our best to add these in a future update.

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Let me echo the previous comment: the recent integration of the Agenda with Apple’s calendars is excellent.

However, in a sense you guys are now a victim of your own success: if I can see the calendar event from my (Agenda app) notes, why aren’t I also able to see the (Agenda) notes from the calendar?

I basically want to have an “agenda”: look at my calendar, consult my notes. Right now, I need to have both Agenda & Calendar windows open next to each other. Somehow, it feels like a waste of real estate on my screen.

Thanks again for an excellent product.