Recurring (templated) notes

Hey all,

I was wondering if it’s possible (potentially down the line) to create recurring notes with the same template which can automatically be linked to the recurring events.

Use case
I have weekly meetings that take the same format and the notes are in the same format, yet need to be populated with new content weekly, which may be overlapping but isn’t necessarily.


We certainly have plans to add templates at some point. Not sure they will link to events automatically, but at least you would have the basic form.

For now, a reasonable workaround is simply to copy a note each week.

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Reposting an old note. It doesn’t do the automatic event linking, but it makes prepping for a meeting at or before the meeting super easy:

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+1 for templates

+1 for this :slight_smile:

+1 for templates

You could put the agenda for the recurring meeting in the meeting request. Then, when you create the note, the agenda will be copied into the note automatically. Plus, everyone will know the agenda in advance.

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That would mean the agenda is the same for each meeting, which it may not be (actually rarely is in my case but in others it would be) so that would mean manually editing each event which then brings us back to our initial issue of having to manually edit of having to recreate the note.
Another block for that is the formatting of it might not be something you want to share/spam everyone else with for whatever reason.

Create a recurring event in your calendar. Put a standing agenda in the meeting request. Then, a day or two before the next meeting, update the agenda for that meeting — just that meeting, not the entire recurring event. Now, you only have to edit the meeting agenda in one place. And, Agenda will get it by default when you create the note.