Recurring Tasks/Checklist

Hi, Agenda Developers,

I’d like to propose a feature request. It comes from my personal workflow.

Every week, I will generate a checklist with a template and through xcallback.

Now I imagine if there is a way to give checkboxes a property, so when they are set to recurring, I can tick them and the next day they become unticked again.

By doing this, I will no longer need to generate the checklist every week. I can then simply go to the note where I have the checklist stored to check if I’m done.

So you mean you want to have a single list where the items uncheck each week, rather than keeping the old checklist each time?

For some things, you might want to keep the old checklist, because it provides a record, but if the items are genuinely throwaway, one option is to select all in the note, and choose Edit > Checklist > Mark as Unchecked. That is actually what I do when I have one of these regularly reused checklists.