Recurrent event in calendar

When I put a note in one of my calendars using Agenda, can I set it up as "recurrent event”? And how…?


No, not at this point, although I think you can go to Calendar and change it to recurring there.


Ok, thank you. yes, I notice I can do this. maurizio

I think one of the best and very useful feature of Agenda is the fact it’s possible to act from inside the Agenda on all the calendars to change them according to the workflow. It is like, in a way, you open and enormously potentiated the possibility of the calendars connected, through Agenda, to the workflow.
For me this seems the key point of all todo list and similar apps, because all of us we work according our calendar to know the daily engagements, even when we use shared calendars. Sometimes, you think: I have to write this on the todo list or on the calendar? So, I think the right answer is a good integration between both.

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