Recommend free 14 day premium trial (for new accounts)

Recommend new accounts get a free 14 days of premium services. I like the look. But I’m not sure I want to spring for them until I’ve had a chance to try out Agenda for a little while. Makes it awkward to truly evaluate, without spending $25 on something I’m not sure I’m going to keep using… at least, not yet. (Looks good though, I reallly like the concept!)

I don’t think a trial period fits well with our sales model, the whole idea is that you can use the app for free forever, so there shouldn’t be a need for a trial to evaluate whether the app suits you, the premium features should generally only come into play when you’re already a dedicated user.

Ah, funny, I am only interested in trying because of the premium features, especially Calendar integration. I’d really like to see how well that works for colaboration and perhaps with other Calandar integrated apps.

BTW: You should mention Calendar Integration as a an answer to the collaboration questions, even is only a partial solution.

As mentioned elsewhere, Calendar integration is also part of the free version. The only things that require a premium feature are:

  • the ability to hide events from one or more calendars (for instance if you have work calendars showing a meeting room schedule)
  • the ability to create and edit calendar events directly from within Agenda. Of course if you can still create and edit them by switching to the, and they will show/update in Agenda as well.

Thanks. You might try to make that clearer in the “Premium” list.