Recipe Management in Agenda

Hi. Does anyone have any experience using Agenda to manage recipes? Right now I am using Agenda as a generaly knowledgebase tool (with some help from Drafts) due to the calendar integration and great support for iOS and Mac plaforms. I have used Paprika on iOS though was thinking about a centralized place. I generally use reciepes when initially cooking a new dish etc though then gravitate to memorization or improvising around the general idea. I don’t currently use the shoping list feature for Paprika so that is not an issue. Any advice would be appreciate. Right now I amt thinking a Category for “Cooking” and then Project for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, etc.? What do you think? I am open to any/all suggestions.

I do put recipes into Agenda, but I am not a great cook, so I typically just put things in a single project.

The projects you suggest sound OK. I guess other options would be styles of cooking or techniques. Eg. Moroccan, Oven Recipes, Deserts etc.

I also use Agenda for storing and accessing recipes. I use it because I am not a great cook, and make notes of how I modify recipes and my experience with recipes. Although Agenda is not a custom designed recipe system Agenda works well for me. I add links, cut and paste recipes from other apps and sources and attach images either from recipe books or the food itself. The other benefit is that I can access Agenda via my iPhone when shopping to check what I need to buy. All up it works for me.

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