Recently edited notes - behaving weirdly

I have a note, created in March, that I’ve not edited in months. But it keeps appearing in the recently edited notes panel.

When it happened ages ago, I assumed it was something to do with a reminder in the note that perhaps hadn’t been checked off properly. I deleted the reminder, but it’s still happening.

It seems to dissapear from the top of the list for a couple of weeks, and then it’s back at the top until I edit another note.

Visibly, there’s nothing in the note except text, checklists, an email address and a url to a Teams meeting.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 09.06.50

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 09.06.35

Very strange, would it be possible to send us an Agenda archive of this particular note? You can email it to

Another question, does the note have a linked calendar event?

I’ve looked into this and the updates are indeed due to changes of a reminder (time, title, snoozing, etc). Since the reminder is part of the text we consider this as an “edit”, which is currently also needed to refresh the note a reminder is part of efficiently. So for the time being I’m afraid it’s a nuisance that we’ll have to keep.

Thanks for the update. However, the note keeps coming back in Recently Edited even though the reminder was deleted ages ago.

Was the reminder a repeating reminder?

No, just a standard reminder

Very strange, does it still do this if you copy the contents in a new note?

I currently have the same problem. I hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks

Could you also email me an agenda file of the particular note? And would you be willing to share the corresponding document file as well? If so, you can do this on your Mac by clicking the three dots next to the project in the sidebar, then select the Show Info item in the menu and select the File Size menu item at the bottom. This will then allow you to show the project file in the finder. If you could email a zipped copy to along side the exported agenda file of the note that keeps popping up in recently edited, we can see exactly what is being modified.

The project contains 47 notes with information that I am not allowed to pass on. I try to provide other examples.

OK, thanks a lot!