Rearranging of list items, selecting and formatting options

Great application so far, thank you very much! :metal:

Me: Using many task- and to do-lists, often in a bullet journal setup.


  1. I would really like the opportunity to rearrange list items by dragging the item using click+holding the little dot that appears when you hover your mouse over it.

  2. It would also save time if there wouldn’t be the need to click inside a note/paragraph/list item to bring up the little dot that activates Styles/Lists paragraph options. A simple hovering with the pointer would be perfect because it takes considerably less time and clicks. The same goes for bringing it up while going through different paragraphs or list items. It works as long as you stay inside the paragraph/list but when you go left to get to the little dot right outside the paragraph/list, as soon as you move your mouse pointer up or down the selector stays at where you left the paragraph/list and does not change to the new line. Many times going back right and left with the mouse again to select the correct entry.

  3. Another great help would be the option of having the formatting options (Styles/Lists) permanently open in either a styles-pane somewhere on the right under the calendar integration or a floating window. It just takes too long to 1. activate the paragraph, 2. move the mouse pointer to the beginning of it, 3. click the little dot to bring up the options, 4. move to the entry, 5. click the entry, 6. click inside the paragraph again to get out of the options window. With a docked version of the formatting options, steps 3 of 6 steps could be saved.

Keep up the great work!


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Thanks for the feedback. We would certainly like to allow rearranging list items by dragging the dot.

In general, if you are someone who likes to do things fast, we advise using the markdown syntax. It is then very fast to make a heading (eg “# My heading”) or list. The popover menu was a more user friendly approach, designed to help less experienced users.

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