Real time to sync up note content

I think everything is perfect. But I have some suggestions to share with you. Hope these suggestions will help your product.

  1. a note share with another user should not only content. If a note there is ongoing date that should be synced up with collaborators.
  2. Maybe it is an issue from sync up content with different collaborators. Once note edit by any collaborator, Sometimes the content will be duplicated or wrong typing for un-edit collaborates.

We had to make a decision about what we should sync with others, and what we shouldn’t sync. We decided note content was obvious (ie title and text), but we decided all the “metadata” about a note was personal. Eg. If you put the note on-the-agenda, we don’t sync that, because it is likely each user wants to control that separately. We decided the same for date, because each user may want to apply a different date, or connect the note to a calendar event in their own calendar.

It’s not perfect, but that explains why we set it up that way. Hope it helps!