Rare but odd cursor behavior in Agenda for Mac

  • What I did: selected some text in a list and hit delete

  • What I expected: the selected text to be deleted

  • What happened: the selected text is still there but the cursor is now a couple lines up where there are two now merged into one. It’s as if I moved the cursor to the start of an item a couple lines up and then hit delete.

  • Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.3.2, MacOS 10.14.6.

  • Work around: Hit undo and repeat the select and delete; this always works the second time.

I only see this with my diary entries where I’ve copied the day before and am editing today’s entry, like taking out an item or two that don’t apply for today. It also seems to only happen when I’ve just started working in Agenda. Like I’m in another window doing something, then I click on Agenda, select text and hit delete. (I’m not starting up the app right then; just clicking on it.)

The cursor will also jump if I select text and then type something else in a diary entry. In that case, the text I wanted to replace remains and the new text is inserted some random place 2-3 lines above where I was, again as if the cursor was moved up just after I made the selection.

I don’t think I’m hitting the trackpad unintentionally, because I hit delete immediately after selecting the text. Plus this doesn’t happen in other apps or even at other times when I’m using Agenda.

The only time I’ve seen sometthing even close to this is when I click somewhere and then type so quickly afterwards that the next text goes where the cursor used to be. I notice this in Messages sometimes when I click a few words back from where I was typing to correct spelling (or an autocorrect) but the new typing goes at the end of the line instead of where I was trying to correct something. That is also rare.

  • Liz

We have seen this ourselves a few times. It is quite rare, but annoying when it happens.

We think this behaviour has been improved in our upcoming 10.0 release. Let us know if it happens after you have that release.

If you want to beta test it, we can arrange that too.

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