Rapid Logging with Agenda Shortcuts

Hi all!

Thought I would share that I have posted a new (updated) Shortcut that enables rapid logging and task capturing in daily logs.

This complements the Daily Log Shortcut, which establishes my day plan, and to which rapid-logged content is appended.

Hope this is helpful, would love to hear what people think!



Wow! Love the work you do Scotty. This looks awesome. Always pushing the envelope :smile:


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I’ve updated this with a separate version for OmniFocus users, and which also allows for more complex syntax - would love to hear what people think!


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Would love to see your work but I must be doing something wrong. How do I get access to the shortcut you created? All I get is a link to download the Shortcuts app…

You’d indeed first have to install the shortcuts app, after that it should open the app and present the shortcut if I’m not mistaken.

The app is installed but no luck. Is the link broken perhaps?

I’ve made some updates, so will re-post the link here:


Hopefully that does it for you!


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Thank you! This time it worked as I would have expected - the shortcut was imported. Now I just need to spend a bit of time to learn how to use Agenda to its fullest extent. Appreciate the help!