Random whitespaces appearing in all notes

What I did: General usage

What happened: All my notes in a project suddenly have random whitespaces at the end of the note

What I expected: No such whitespaces

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v6.0.1 for MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

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I’ve seen this before too, on the occasional note. I believe quitting and reopening Agenda fixed it? Still, pretty ugly to see and doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

That’s odd, did this happen after a computer crash or a unexpected quitting of Agenda? A quick remedy is to resize the Agenda window or move the splitter between sidebar or related pane and the notes list.

No, it’s definitely not because of a computer crash or unexpected quitting of Agenda. It happens every now and then - when Agenda is in the background and I’m simultaneously using multiple apps. Like @d_chadwick mentioned, quitting and restarting usually works. I’ll try resizing the Agenda window/moving splitter next time but hoping for a more permanent solution in case it happens again…

OK, thanks for the follow up, are you by any chance using an external monitor in combination with a laptop that you attach/detach now and then?

No, not using any external monitor. It actually happened again - this time on my iPad. I was using Things 3 and Agenda on split view - I closed the split view and opened it again - and there was a random whitespace on my working note which I got rid of by using your suggestion of resizing the splitter. I’ll keep track of the next time it happens on my Mac because that was definitely more extreme. Most of my notes on a project had whitespaces…

Ok, thanks for letting us know, it sounds like it’s indeed related to split screen on iPad and/or changed window sizes. If you find out more we’d like to be the first to hear.

I’m not using an iPad in split view or an external monitor at all. I generally run Agenda in full-screen view on my Macs, and seldom in split-screen view. And much as @ashwin_ap10 is reporting, I’ll start seeing a random chunk of space at the bottom of a note I’m working on — it has the appearance of a bunch of carriage returns at the end of the note but that’s not the case.

I’ll make a screenshot if this happens again.

Does it ever happen when not running in fullscreen?