Random Scrolling in Reminders/Events Timeline

I think due to the way that reminders and events populate in the mini-timeline in the right sidebar, the position of the timeline is affected. Sometimes it will go up or down, without any interaction on my part. It’s not uncommon for me to have several reminders listed for one day (I don’t use the calendar app as often).

Let me know if there’s any information I can provide that will help.

This is most likely caused by Agenda doing a reload after it has received new reminders it previously didn’t know about or when it has to remove completed reminders that have been marked as such since the last time you ran Agenda. Usually it should only do that once and then stay stable, isn’t that what you see? If not, perhaps you could email a screen recording to alex@agenda.com?

I’ve noticed the same thing, seems linked to syncing and can be that frequent, and in the middle of my selecting an event from the timeline, sometimes causing the wrong one to be selected. Not sure if there is any way around this though as the timeline needs to update changes.

Yeah, I’ll select things and end up months behind or ahead.

I just tried it again and it seems to bounce around, but not as far as it used to.

So far it seems like the only issue is that it resets too quickly, so if I’m editing yesterday’s tasks in the early morning of the next day, it resets to the current day a bit too quickly. Perhaps a ten second wait would help, or a way to extend it in a separate, full window view.

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll see if this can be further improved.

This is a hard one as you certainly want to remove (or add) any changes, keep Agenda up-to-date. I wonder/wish Apple would update these things directly locally, instead of going to the web and back for everything. But I understand the complexities, especially when working with shared files/fields.