Quickly open Category

Hi, I’ve just purchased Pro to get access to the Open Quickly but I see it doesn’t include Category.

I use Category level for client names, and then a Project for each deal with a client.

The challenge with only searching Project and Title is that I often can’t remember quickly what the specific deal was called, so I’d like to jump to that client (Category).

Please consider including Category in the Open quickly search. I don’t think this will add significantly to the results list, as its unlikely users will repeat the same terms in the Category and Project names.

Many thanks,

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Not sure if I get what the end result should be. If we would show a matching category, what would happen when you select that? Or do you want to see all projects that match a category name? My issue with the latter would be that for some users it could easily render the open quickly feature a lot less usable.

Hi, thanks for the reply - actually the current results format (a list of Projects grouped by Category) is perfect, because one is really after the Projects in the Category, not the Category itself. This way, I could type a few letters to jump to a Category and pick the relevant projects.

The reason this would be so helpful, is that I seldom remember the Project names, so I find myself scrolling through the list to find the Category.

OK, thanks for the clarification, will think about it!

In the meantime, is there a way to alphabetically sort Categories? I find I’m spending a lot of time scrolling up and down to find Categories.

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