Quicker way to create person tag?

I try to always create a tag from people’s names in my notes - for ease of searching, to see unexpected connections via ‘related notes’, and in the hope of exciting funcationality when people tags integrate with Apple Contacts.

Howver, types @ and ( ) around the name all the time is pretty tedious. (The name is often already in my note as it’s created from a calendar event).

It would be really helpful to be able to highlight a name, and them hit a key combination to turn the name into a person tag - on MacOS. I assume on iOS it would need to be highlight text and then a menu command.

That already works, just select the name of a person, hit cmd-shift-P (Insert > Person) and the selected text becomes a person tag.

Ooh! Brilliant!

And on iOS?

Same thing: select text, hit plus button of keyboard, pick person => selected text becomes the person tag

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