Quick thanks

I wanted to take five minutes to send my sincere thanks to the Agenda team. I started using the app a few months ago and, without exaggeration, it’s had a profound impact on my day to day work life. I keep my email tightly organized to manage heavy traffic, priority and focus but I have ALWAYS struggled with managing anything outside of my inbox. I’ve gone through written notebooks, post-its, evernote, OneNote, countless iPad notetaking apps and I could never find a solution that kept things organized in an actionable or meaningful way that I could stick to.

Creating an association between Agenda notes and calendar meetings is such a simple concept in hindsight, but it’s been a complete game changer for me. Didn’t take long after that before I had organized clients into projects, figured out a process for tagging open/todo items, started leveraging keyboard shortcuts for meeting templates…then came attachments…then came iOS shortcuts. It feels a bit silly to be so excited about an app I use for work, but it’s so significantly improved my ability to confidently manage my workload and create logical transparency that I’m actually going around giving people totally unsolicited Agenda endorsements and staying actively involved in reading the community posts…definitely a first for me, for any app, ever.

I have gotten away with using the free version because it does everything I need, the premium features fall into the ‘nice to have’ bucket for me and your pay model has me always delaying the jump waiting for that one must have feature…which again is silly considering it’s well worth the asking price…even if I have to re-up annually it’s a justified expense to keep supporting you guys and your work on the app. Making the jump today, just because. Awesome, awesome job…stick to your vision and instincts. A thousand thanks…


That’s brilliant to hear, thank you so much for sharing that with us, reactions like yours are definitely a big part of being so excited to keep on further improving Agenda!

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