Quick Reminders/ Calender Events

What I did:
Wanted to create a Quick Reminder from a Reminder created for 60 days ahead.

What happened:
Found the process confusing and complicated between Calendar Events, Reminder and Quick Reminders.

First, how to select the proper note isn’t simply identified. My first attemps took me to a different note.

Second Didn’t know how to create a link in the QR, some how it magically appeared.

What I expected:
A Simple way to Add a QR/as a Calendar Event. It’s confusing. Are QRs simply CEs, no idea.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

You can simply create a Quick Reminder by typing \reminder, which should give you the Pop-Up Window with the Settings, for the Date, Time, Name etc. You could also write something like \reminder(5minutes) to let the Reminder go off in 5 Minutes, for example.
You can also use the Format Palette to create a Quick Reminder, which brings up the Pop-Up.

If you only want the Reminder for the Note and don’t care about the little Reminder Alarm-Clock-Icon, then you could also just click on the Note (to select it, which you can verify by getting the Outline on the Note) and just say to Siri for example „Hey Siri, remind me about this at 11am in 60 days“ which will create a Reminder with a Link to the Note.
(I should mention that the Link to the Note is not in the URL Field itself, but the Agenda Icon besides the Reminder, but it works the same)

You also tried to create a Reminder in the Window where you assign (and can create) Calendar Events to a Note, which won‘t work for Reminders.
Other Thing: you don’t need to paste the Link for a Reminder in the URL-Field when you create a Calendar Event, in my experience Agenda pastes a Note-Link in the Field itself.

Hope this helps you

In addition to what @user721 describes, and just to clarify what is perhaps nomenclature:

  • Calendar events are events that show up in the system Calendar app and apply to an entire note only, you set them by clicking the little calendar in the top right corner of the note.

  • Reminders are those that show up in the system Reminders app and apply to a single paragraph of text inside the note only. You can set them using the Insert > Reminder menu or using the \reminder text action as @user721 describes.

  • Quick Reminders is the name of the premium feature that allows you to create a reminder that is not linked to a particular paragraph of text. Think about it as a “standalone” reminder, which you can create if you right click a day in the calendar in the inspector. For instance if you remember you need to get milk but don’t want to type that in one of your notes. These reminders show in the inspector but not anywhere in the text.

Most of the time you will want to use either calendar events (for instance to tie a particular note to a certain meeting) or regular reminders that you insert in the text of your notes (for instance to remind you of a particular task you wrote down inside a note).

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