Quick Open

I find myself wanting to jump to a project or note quickly, but today I have to do a lot of clicking and scrolling through my project lists and meeting notes to make that happen.

I want to be able to quickly open a specific Project, Category, Overview, Saved Search, or note by typing the name into a field, using some kind of type-ahead / live search to help me narrow down to find the specific item, and then open it in the current window (or a new window).

Ideally for a category or project, I could search for the fully or partially qualified name of it based on the containing category that it’s in. For example, if I have a project, My Big Project at the path Action Support : Vocational : MyCo: My Big Project (under that category heirarchy), I could type any portion of that to find matches.

I’d love for this would emulate the Quick Open behavior of OmniFocus where I can hit Command-O, type the partial name of the Folder, Project, Perspective, or Tag, select it, then open it.

This would be a huge productivty boon for me.


It’s a very good suggestion. Thanks!

We will consider this for sure.

+1 …

Cultured Code’s Things has a wonderful implementation of this where you simply begin typing if no text field has focus and it begins to quick search for areas/projects/tasks etc. It makes navigating around the app magical. Every time I switch over to Agenda and my notes I find myself wishing I had a similar capability! This would probably be one of my biggest requests