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I find myself wanting to jump to a project or note quickly, but today I have to do a lot of clicking and scrolling through my project lists and meeting notes to make that happen.

I want to be able to quickly open a specific Project, Category, Overview, Saved Search, or note by typing the name into a field, using some kind of type-ahead / live search to help me narrow down to find the specific item, and then open it in the current window (or a new window).

Ideally for a category or project, I could search for the fully or partially qualified name of it based on the containing category that it’s in. For example, if I have a project, My Big Project at the path Action Support : Vocational : MyCo: My Big Project (under that category heirarchy), I could type any portion of that to find matches.

I’d love for this would emulate the Quick Open behavior of OmniFocus where I can hit Command-O, type the partial name of the Folder, Project, Perspective, or Tag, select it, then open it.

This would be a huge productivty boon for me.


It’s a very good suggestion. Thanks!

We will consider this for sure.

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Cultured Code’s Things has a wonderful implementation of this where you simply begin typing if no text field has focus and it begins to quick search for areas/projects/tasks etc. It makes navigating around the app magical. Every time I switch over to Agenda and my notes I find myself wishing I had a similar capability! This would probably be one of my biggest requests


The outlining app Outlinely from Outlinely - Powerful outliner for Mac, iPhone, iPad has one of the best quick jump I’ve seen in a note app.

If you decide to add this, using outlinelys quick jump as a reference would be super cool

Quick open (CMD-Shift-O):

Jump within documen (CMD-L)t:

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll have a look.

Any update about inclusion in the roadmap? This continues to be my biggest usability request. Agenda is the center of my work brain with tons of notes for quick reference, and I feel like I’m spending a long time trying to find a specific note amongst all my projects (I have a lot…) even when I know the exact title

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Yes, this is still something we very much would like to add!

Just wanted to come back and say how fantastic the Open Quickly feature is! Its further cemented Agenda’s role as my digital brain. Its even better implemented than I expected!

Thanks for continuing to make Agenda better and better!


That’s brilliant to hear, thanks for sharing!