Quick open note display

Hi Agendanotes team,

Thank you for another great update. I love the new quick open function.
Here’s an observation though; if I search for a note from a recurrent meeting, I get a list of notes all of which have the same title (the title of the meeting). Since the only difference is the date, it is difficult to know which of those is the right one, if there are many (I would have to count back since the last meeting). Would it be possible to show the note’s date alongside the note’s title in the results list of the search? Or alternatively (a bit more cumbersome, but stil useful) to action a note with a particular note title and then get all the notes with that same title instead of only the one selected?


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Hmm, good point, we’ll see if we can improve this part, thanks for the feedback!

To further add to this topic: I noticed that the notes in the quick open menu are displayed in ascending order, that is: the most recent matching notes at the bottom of the list and the oldest at the top. Agenda itself is oriented the other way around; the most recent notes are at the top of the list. Would it be possible to make this behavior consistent between quick open and the notes list?

These are two different things. Within projects you can choose the sort-order you want (by default newest on top, but you can switch this around if you like on a per-project basis). However, “recent” in the quick open is something else, this corresponds to most recently edited, similar to the recently edited list in the inspector on the right. It wouldn’t make sense to flip the sort order of recently edited, because it would always show the first note you ever edited on top.

Ah, I see. That makes sense to me now.

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