"Quick new note" widget type

Todoist lets you create widgets that when tapped, creates a todo in a specific folder, or with specific tags, etc.

I would like to suggest that Agenda could let us create a widget that when tapped, would create a note in a specific folder, and open Agenda with that particular note opened. In the back of the widget, one would be able to select the folder in which the note would be created.

This would make it easy to add a “create a note in my inbox folder”-type of shortcut on the main screen

Have to think about this one. Can see it for a todo app, but is less clear for Agenda I would say.

When I want to add something fast, I am usually not adding a new note, but just adding to a list. I have a Daily Note which is like a scratchpad. I am in that note a lot, and to add things quickly, I bring that up with the sharing sheet, or jump to it with Related Notes or On the Agenda. In fact, I could also usually find it via our widgets, because I edit it a lot.

So my doubt is just that I don’t know if creating a new note fast is something that people commonly want. It’s more “I want to add this info to a note fast”.

Do others have thoughts on this?

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I leave stray thoughts in individual notes, hence my request :slight_smile: But I understand if it is unusual.

A widget that lets the user “Append to existing note” would be just as useful.

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I would like either a 1) create new note in pre-selected project or 2) append to a pre-selected note. In fact one widget that combined both of those would be very nice.

I don’t use the share sheet for quick capture because I’m always typing something new, so what is there to share? I’d need to type it in to some other app, select it, and share. Unless there’s something I’m missing, and there is a way to capture original text into the share sheet.

The existing widget is good but it’s not guaranteed that the note I want to edit will be at the same place on the list or even on the list at all.

An inbox widget that let me define an inbox note for newly captured text, and an inbox project for newly captured notes, would be very nice.

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Same, you need to be already in an app to use the share sheet to append to a note…

Note that with a widget, you can’t actually edit anything. So what it would be is a shortcut to jump straight to a particular note. I guess we could put the cursor at the end as well.

Creating a new note in a project would also be possible.

Will add to the list. We already did have opening a note or project on the widget list.


BTW I suspect you can probably already do something like this using an app like WidgetSmith, and our x-callback URLs. Probably just fill in the url to open a note by title.

Eg. agenda://x-callback-url/open-note?title=Meeting%20With%20Peta

Naturally, a real widget would be better.

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Yep understood. If it were available, I would personally use two different Agenda widgets. One would be the current relevant notes widget, and one would be the “quick add” widget we’re discussing here.

I’ll check out WidgetSmith too in the mean time, good suggestion!