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Quick links are very nice! One thing I’m struggling with is navigating to a note when I don’t necessarily know its name, but I know the project it’s in.

I have a project called “viaduct” with a bunch of notes. So I type [[ to show the notes list, and then viaduct to filter the notes. It shows me the viaduct project, as well as any notes with viaduct in the name. I can’t, however “drill down” to the viaduct project to see its notes.

I can drill down if I don’t type anything, and I use the arrow keys. But I have a handful of smart overviews, and lots of projects, that I need to skip over before I get to viaduct. At that point I can use the right arrow key to navigate to the list of notes in the project.

Also, when looking at the notes in a project list, they seem to be ordered “earliest date first” even though I have that project set as “latest date first.”

So two requests (unless of course I’m missing some setting):

  1. When I type to filter notes & projects, I’d like to be able to select a project with up/down, and then use the right arrow to display the list of notes. That way I can quickly navigate to a note in a known project, but whose name I might not know off the top of my head.
  2. The notes list for a project should respect earliest/latest date first setting for that project.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if we can improve on both points!

Another improvement possibility: include categories in the filter.


I know which one I’m looking for positionally, but it would be helpful to see the category to verify. In the mean time, I will rename the projects to be more explicit – but I prefer having a parallel project structure within uniquely-named categories (e.g. CCS -> Maintenance -> Sentry and Viaduct -> Maintenance -> Sentry.

Additionally, consider fuzzy finder search using the hierarchy so I could type viaduct sentry and be matched to that note.

ah, the joys of software development – ship something good, and the people immediately ask for more :slight_smile:

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Problem is space I’m afraid. I know the example you give is very valid, but adding the category makes the whole menu much more busy and difficult to read where in the fast majority of cases it’s not needed.